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A Conceptual Framework for Devolving Responsability and Functions from Government to the Private Sector
Steven Cohen [pdf] [html]

[Key words: privatization, scope of government, private organizations, JEL: E61, H11, H41]

This document presents a conceptual framework and a method for deciding whether or not a function that was considered the responsibility of government should be performed by public organizations or devolved to private for-profit and non-profit organizations. This conceptual framework goes beyond ideology and matches functions to organizational capacity, in a scheme that needs strategic thinking. The method requires that government managers resist bias and simplistic assumptions and answer a number of critical questions that require for the experience and judgment of decision makers, as well as for the political and social context in which the decision takes place.

A Classical Model of Economic Growth
Homero Cuevas [pdf] [html]

[Key words: economic growth, cycles, endogenous shock, exogenous shock, JEL: D59, E13, E39]

This essay focuses on the conditions under which spontaneous growth in a developed economy create inestability, fluctuations and resources waste in a endogenous manner, in contrast with the neoclassical theories of economic cycles generated by exogenous shocks.

Institutional Economics, Mainstream and Heterodoxy
Óscar Rodríguez Salazar [pdf] [html]

[Key words: economic history, economy of conventions, sociology economics, JEL: H51, L14, N0]

This article explores different analytical approaches to institutions in economic theory and history. The first part shows how mainstream economics embraced this theme and the influence this new analytical approach had on the New Economic History. The second part analyzes some heterodox tendencies, such as the theory of conventions, the school of regulation and the recent developments of economic sociology related to the work of Mark Granovetter and Pierre Bordieu. Regarding history, these developments have found support in the school of Annales, and the formulations of Marx and postkeynesian economists.

Criminality, Violence and Defense, Justice and Security Spending
Francisco González y Carlos Esteban Posada [pdf] [html]

[Key words: defense, justice, security, efficiency, expenditure. JEL: H53, H56]

This document describes the evolution of defense, justice and security spending and criminality in Colombia since 1950. It presents some considerations about its efficiency and analyzes some pertinent indicators. Also it proposes some policies that the authors believe are useful to increase efficiency in state activities and organizations that are designed to provide security, defense and justice to citizens. Among them are the improvement of the reward assignation system to private citizens and the reform of codes and penal procedures.

Fundamental Assumptions of the Agrarian Reform and its Actual Validity
Álvaro Balcázar [pdf] [html]

[Key words: agrarian reform, redistribution, production factors, economic equity, JEL: N5, Q1, R0]

This article discusses the belief that redistribution of land tenure is a fundamental condition for social and economic development. It reviews the effectiveness of prior public programs of land redistribution and reviews the following four assumptions: 1. The traditional factors of production are the main source of the creation of value and wealth. 2. The redistribution of property of traditional factors determines distribution of income and social and political power. 3. To improve democracy, economic equity and social justice it is necessary to redistribute property of the traditional means of production. 4. The high cost of land prevents the development of agricultural production.


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