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Guidelines for Submitting Originals

The Economics Faculty of the Universidad Externado de Colombia has created a space for reflection centred on institutional economics. This effort is driven by the conviction that in today’s world a political and the economic systems are undergoing a new development phase. Understanding this development phase is a challenge for social researchers, research centres and organizations which seek social welfare, the development of political institutions and a better market performance.

The Journal of Institutional Economics (ISSN: 0124-5996; E-ISSN: 2346-2450) is a pluralistic biannual publication. It aims to disseminate theoretical and practical research of national and international authors in the broad field of institutional economics. It seeks to disseminate and submit for discussion theoretical and methodological advances to conform an academic community congregated around free examination. It is targeted to undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professionals interested in economic development, welfare economics, international economics, economic thought, institutionalism, economic history, political institutions, industrial organization, public policies, among other themes in the social sciences.

The Journal is committed to high academic standards. All articles will be read by two external referees, through double-blind peer review. There will be no conflict of interest between referees regarding authors and their work. They will have to acknowledge international standards of scientific publications, particularly in regard to plagiarism and the peer review process. They will need to comply with the privacy statement. The referees will be anonymous and the authors are free to include the suggestions made by them. The Editorial Committee will make final decision regarding publication of articles. Publication will not depend on theoretical conception, point of view or methodology employed; only quality, rigor and the usual rules of scientific work will be taken into account, giving preference to unpublished documents.  

The language of publication is Spanish, but translated articles from other languages will be included.  When forwarding the article, the author must state that he/she agrees with the editorial policy of the journal; that the article sent has not been published. In the case that the article has been published, the bibliographic reference must be included, complying with the requirements below, stating that the article is not being evaluated by another academic journal or publication.

Articles should be sent on magnetic media, in Microsoft Word, singled spaced and Times New Roman, size 12, to the following e-mail: ecoinstitucional@uexternado.edu.co. The articles should not exceed 12.000 words; reviews, notes and discussions should not exceed 3.000 words. An abstract no longer than 108 words should be attached in both Spanish and English, and the author’s curriculum vitae.  The author’s footnote must include only the following information: most recent academic title, institutional affiliation and email. In the case of graphs and charts, these should be attached with page numbers and source. In order to be part of the selection process, the magnetic version of the original data in non-graphic format for easy modification must be sent.

Foot notes should be used only for additional notes. In text citation inside should appear in parenthesis, including author's last name, year of publication and cited pages. The bibliographic references should be at the end of the document using an adaptation of the standard APA (American Psychological Association: http://apastyle.org/)with the following standards: for books, the author's last name and first name initial, book title in italics, city of publication, publisher, and year of publication. For chapters in books, the author's last name and first name initial, title of the chapter in quotation marks, editor's first name initial and last name, book title in italics, city of publication, publisher, year of publication and pages. For articles in journals, the author's last name and first name initial, year of publication, title of the article with quotation marks, journal's name in italics, volume, number, year of publication and pages (for illustration, any of the references in the website of the journal can be consulted).

The journal requires the author’s approval, through a license of use, editing, publication, reproduction, distribution and public communication of his/her work; in physical and digital format, for exclusively scientific, cultural and non-profit purposes. Authors retain copyright and grant the journal right of first publication, which will be licensed with Creative Commons Attribution. The reproduction of documents in other printed or electronic media must include an acknowledgement of the authorship of the work and its initial publication, as set forth in the license. The authors may disclose their documents in any repository or website. Immediately after its publication, the articles will be indexed and archived electronically for future reference and access. The articles are also available free of charge on the website [www.economiainstitucional.com] and in the following data bases: SciELO[www.scielo.org.co], Repec [econpapers.repec.org], Red ALyC [redalyc.uaemex.mx], Econlit, CSA, IBSS, Scopus[www.scopus.com], Latam-Studies, SSRN, HAPI, IBZ, IBR, Academic One File, EBSCO [www.ebsco.com], Oceano, Proquest, Latindex, Clase, Ulrich´s, Dialnet, DOAJ, Open J-Gage, REDIB and OJS [www.uexternado.edu.co/economiainstitucional.com]

The subscription is annual (2 issues) and should be made through the online format at: [www.economiainstitucional.com].

There are no author processing charges or submission charges for publishing in this journal. Also, the journal is committed to international scientific publication standards. It follows the guidelines of the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, Singapore, July 22-24, 2010:

Guidelines for authors can be found in:


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